I had a call from Jennifer Garrison, Atty. @ Law, yesterday telling me that she is establishing an office in Elizabeth, Wirt County, which will also cover Ritchie County.She is the Atty. who last year represented the people in Marietta and southeast Ohio to

get great leases for their minerals with great landowner protections.  She said the leasing and drilling is heading our way and I have seen landmen trying to lease cheaply , early on, so they can flip the leases (they aren't saying this) and make lots of money for themselves.  I have an appointment with her Elizabeth office next week when it opens.  My phone# is 304-481-4589              

                                                                                                           Martha Vincent

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Hello every one 

Glad to be back on. Antero extended my 5 year lease. just like they said they would 5 years ago. I own land off otterslide near Bera WV. It is near the hunting club. That is all the news I have. good luck to all . 

Tom Bee


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