Just received a check from Chesapeake from a "Delay Rental Account"  It says for March 2014 to March 2015.  Does anyone know if this is payment for extending my current lease with them?  Our original lease expires in 2014.  Thanks

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Lease expires or expired in 2014? I think that 03/2014 to 03/2015 might be a little questionable.


Depending on wording in your lease there should be a well (permit? or just a few surveying stakes?) that could allow for this. Perhaps your lease also has something about "Timely payments".

DO NOT CASH THE CHECK until you are sure.

I'll add depending on how many acres are involved might get a competent Lawyer real fast.


    My thoughts exactly.

I'd read my lease again, then see a lawyer to have the lease terminated if possible.

My No Deductions lease has a spreadsheet from CHK showing 3 columns of deductions as well as selling to themselves.

My royalty statement has 0 deductions listed on it but has abstract math and negative signs that result in minimal royalty payment. Obvious theft.

This has been done to landowners across the country and no landowner will be spared the pain of CHK theft. Like the loan company Peach Tree, "Its What They Do".


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