Good Afternoon I was wondering if there is anyone that lives in the lower part of Sullivan county Davidson Township I would like to talk to you if you do. I'm a mineral rights owner that lives 1,000 miles away and I need to talk to someone that is back there. Thanks Penny

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I do how can I help?

I have some mineral rights in Davidson Township and there is a well being drilled near our land the well is Elk Run Hunting I would like to know if you are by there because I would like to know if anything is being said about the well. Thanks

I also own land/minerals next to this well site... The gas company only drilled a vertical hole then moved the rig out to another site. Does not look like there will be much action for some time.

Have you lived long in this area?

My understanding is the never drilled more that the conductor pipe and left due to a prior rig commitment.

Are you aware of how deep they drilled??


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