Does this seem right? I am leased with Cabot and in a production unit with a Cabot well and I have been approached by DTE Energy because Southwestern wants to run a gathering line from one of their wells that borders my property across my property to bring that well into production. not sure I know what to do.

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I adjoin you in the back. Where are they trying to get to? I'm sure they are running from Salt Lick but to where?  Pray your lease remains with Cabot. SWN is terrible to deal with!



They want to run a gathering line from Salt Lick to Franks road and the other Southwestern wells near there so the gas can go into production. He was talking about going across the 8 acres in the back field  which doesn't make any sense to me because everyone to the north of me is leased with Southwestern. He was supposed to email me the proposed project but never did and I don't want to call him. I am really nervous about them flipping my lease as he said they do all the time.I do not know how that would affect us being in a Cabot production unit.

Get a lawyer , I've dealt with SW , and there pipeline guys  AGC. Sw is good to deal to a point these pipeline guys are like used car salesmen. If you think Cabot sold you out check on the Landex site. They seem to never tell you , I have 10ac with SW and the sold the rest to Cheifs and neither said a word to me. Till the lease was running out on the rest of the land about two weeks before....... like I said to start out get a lawyer what you pay them is well worth it..... good luck !!!  


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