Has anyone out there received the Southwestern gas lease amendment in the counties of Bradford and Susquehanna Pennsylvania?  This is the one that started with the Friendsville Group Talisman (Fortuna) lease.  It was then transfered to Southwestern.  Now Southwestern is requesting changes.  I would appreciate any information or meetings on this subject.  You can reply here or email me through my profile. Thanks

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No I havent , we signed with southwestern about a year and a half.

Where is your property located and was this a new lease or was it transferred from another energy company.

were in montrose , on johnson rd this is a new lease
yup I was sold on being in a pool of 640 acres. and have 66 in that pad. But now they tell you you get nothing.

Unhappy topic, The Friendsville lease felt goo at teh time- self empowerment - but the industry and informed view is lease is excssively burdensome to gas development economics. Read it and decide if you can live with it.   If a bore is to go under you, you have edge in dickering if not, there is some risk, you don't earn royalty.

Also landowners who really do not want their land  developed should be honest and not lease.

We have a Friendsville Lease set to expire in September.  Does anyone have a good lawyer they're using?

I don't trust myself with the lingo.. and I don't want to get screwed (or screw the neighbors in the process)


I heard that Doug Clark is among the best.  Might be a little expensive.  A Google Search will get you his contact info.  I heard that the original Friendsville Group is restarting.

Thanks Remi, I'll check him out.  As for Friendsville, I haven't gotten any answers from them on their Facebook page, but I'll keep trying.

Thanks again.

This is where I got the Friendsville info.



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