According to our Talisman rep they are coming - Kellum Road and Bow Bridge Road.  Anyone have any specifics on Talisman activity in this area?

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Don't know  but good to know. A fear was drilling would subside

in the most N part of that  area.  

As of today Talisman is drilling or fracking the Schmitt wellpad on West Woods Rd. Lots of sand tankers and water trucks. Since the fall they have built the Bultler pad and the Shea pad on Bowbridge Rd.

Is Talisman having trouble getting gas to market ? I notice that some wells are shut-in. There are allot of permits issued in apolacon Twp. Could be that some leases are about to expire.


Talisman rep was right.  Crazy activity throughout the winter on Cork Hill & Bow Bridge Rd.

Flared the Schmitt pad a couple of weeks ago.  

Drilling looks active on the Shea pad on Bow Bridge .

Permits in for a Correy well pad and a Choconut Farms well pad.

Anybody know the specifics on the Choconut Farms pad?  Where is the road access?

Water pipeline cut from water impoundment on 267 all the way to the ayers water impoundment


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