Well Pad - anyone have one ? did your Property taxes go up ? Were you compenstated for the pad ? Clean and Green ?

SWEPI is proposing a well pad on property. Alot to think about and will be reviewing with lawyer. But I would like to hear from the Tioga members. If you have a well pad already, how badly do your taxes go up for that 3-5 acres ? If you were in Clean and Grean, they will remove the pads 3-5 acres and the back taxes for 7 yrs get paid back to county, Hopefully you put that in a addendum to have the company you signed with re-pay the back taxes on Clean and Green.

Also hear, not sure this is true, take averything with grain a salt and becareful to learn as much as we can. But, I hear if you have a well pad on your property that if the well is producing, there is a federal tax that you the owner must pay on the estimated gas for the year from that well. The others in the unit do not pay, they just suck up the royalties.

The offer seems low for the price of the pad they are offering, after taxes, you end of with almost enough to buy a dinner. So were they negotiable for the pad ?

So if you can help with some threads of advice, concerns- would be appreciated. Thanks !!!

Also the maps they show for the pad, seems to be different with neighbors are shown, Pad Creep, keeps getting bigger. AAARRRGGGHHH !!!

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