It has been a month today since we have had a post on the Trumbull County site.  Hard to think that nothing of interest has occurred!!  We all are waiting for information so lets share what we know.

Also a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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Makes me wonder how many of us are left here from Trumbull. Nothing new to report on my end other than there is a pumpjack installed at Enervest's Lennington well now. I heard from an "unreliable" source that is is being held back as to flow for some reason. Have seen some Enervest trucks lately as well.

Robert and MJ, I thought that Snort said they were going to remove equipment, not add to it. I pass the Buckeye well occasionally, and I haven't noticed any equipment being removed there as far as I can tell. Maybe Snort was just toying with our emotions. It sure has been a quiet spell, but there is some noise being made by Gasfrac over in Tuscarawas County. They seem to be generating some genuine excitement and interest in the O&G industry. The way they describe their fracking process sure sounds custom made for our area.  If Gasfrac's effort is successful, we might see a little life kicking up here again. The Utica is rich in Trumbull County, that is why BP leased so much of it. They didn't just waltz in here blindly. Once the key is found, new fishing boats for all. 

I agree that this county at least the southern portion of it will be very productive.  I think it is a question of when the technology is ready not a question of the resource being here.  I recall the Kibler well's initial production.

I,m half tempted to go buy some "GASFRACK stock !!

Very interested to see how their fracking will work on the Utica.

Gas Frac is a very high risk, very high reward play. In their last quarterly report they admit they are on their last financial leg. They need the Utica result to be positive or adios to them. If they can pull it off, their stock will shoot up. Keep a close eye on it and jump IF and only IF this JV well in the Utica works. Those in the JV will keep them afloat, the banks are circling as of December 31 (default triggers on that date).

Thanks David. Your insight adds to the overall story and perspective, and quite a story it is. Hand it to a couple of good script writers and it would make a pretty good movie. If it is a happy ending, maybe many of us in the Northern tier will get a cameo appearance someday. My wife will make me get a haircut if that were to happen, even though I don't really need it.

See the Kibler well is still flaring.  What is going on at the other wells in Trumbull County?  I think it is important for us to keep one and another informed as to the current activity or lack there of.  Thanks!!!

The Brugler well has been flaring since it began production. Seems like a lot of wasted gas. I go by there quite a bit and have never seen it not lit up. Anyone know why?

It just seems that we don't know the full story of our county wells. Is it because there is no significant infrastructure and take away capability? Do they need to be flared to keep them operational and healthy? If the wells were total duds, wouldn't they just walk away from them? The "official" quarterly reports about production might not tell the real story if these wells are not allowed, or able, to produce at maximum rates. It is difficult to separate credible information from the background noise that bounces around concerning our area. Thanks for the observations about the activity. I'm guessing that many of us weren't aware that they were actively flaring. I think we are all watching for the results of the Nettles Well in Tuscarawas County. Come on Gasfrac! I hope that the results are made public soon.

Glad to see a few of us are still hanging around Sage.  Heard a whisper on the wind while in the woods the other day.........Lennington may be refracked...... only a whisper though my friend.

Now that is interesting and I sure hope it comes to pass.  Please keep us informed of this and other possible developments.


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