It has been a month today since we have had a post on the Trumbull County site.  Hard to think that nothing of interest has occurred!!  We all are waiting for information so lets share what we know.

Also a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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Reads like a horrible waste to me.

Any take away pipe lines in the area ?

Why burn it off and not sell it ?

Makes a person wonder what drives the producer to this ?

Maybe the Saudis / an 'enemy' interest own the production and it's being wasted as an act of economic warfare ?

That would be something wouldn't it ?

Maybe it's just stupidity ?

Personally I don't rule anything out these days - how can anyone - especially the landowners / lessors ?

What do they say / think as they watch their dollars burning away ?

Staggering just to read - well it staggers me anyway.
This well feeds into an 8" pipeline all by itself and there is a lot of "equipment" at the site. It doesn't make sense to me that it is always flaring, and thus far I have gotten no response as to why this would be done by anyone reading this forum. From where I am sitting (in the woods), it looks like all the gas is simply being burned off.
Can't see how it makes any sense.

Would like to hear how it even could.

Tell you up front though that I still wouldn't be a believer after hearing / reading it.

Way too counter-intuitive from my perspective.

Take the link above to another thread on 'Reading a Well Flare'.

You guys noticing any smoke (black or white) ?

I'm picking up that one and a half years seems like a long flare time for everyone posting / replying here.

What's up with that ?

I haven't seen the Kibler flare, but I've heard that the flare is to burn off the fumes that accumulate in the oil tanks. 

Very little smoke seen and the flare is usually a deep orange (oily?)

To me the deep orange would sound like it was oily or NGL's involved with some black smoke coming off the top.  If there is a breeze it will dissipate the smoke quickly and thus be hard to observe.

If you're right (and I'd guess you probably are) that continuous flare would be hard / painful to watch and especially so if you were a landowner / lessor with interest in the production (and / or the apparent waste).

Has anyone out there sold real estate, say house with small acreage that has an ALOV lease on it?  No royalties just signing bonus received from BP.  Any difficulties transferring title?  Comments welcome.

Warren,  If memory serves, you are in Vernon with 10 acres or so?  Looking to sell?  Just curious.

Just wanted to say Kibler well still flaring.  Yesterday flare was much larger and smokey than usual.   Also 4th quarter results of wells is posted on the ODNR website.  Thanks and lets hope spring is here.

Here is an interesting story about the Youngstown Airport property. It shows interest and potential value in the Utica there.  You don't pay lawyers for nothing, (although sometimes you get nothing). In this case the Port Authority got it's Utica mineral rights back.


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