The most productive wells in the northern tier of the Utica shale are in Columbiana County, where Chesapeake Energy Corp. has established a large leasehold position in the southern portion of the county. Chesapeake reports it has 49 wells in production across the Columbiana County, according to ODNR data. The best-producing well in the county, and thus the Utica’s northern tier, was the Briceland Trust 8H well in Franklin Township, which yielded 539.5 million cubic feet of natural gas over 90 days. The company’s Judy Brown 6H well in Hanover Township was the second-best producing well with 425.7 million cubic feet of gas produced. The Tritten well in Center Township proved the third-best and produced 345.9 million cubic feet of natural gas during the quarter, records show. Columbiana County’s largest oil producer was the Altenhof 3H well, which produced 12,543 barrels during the quarter.

Wells in Trumbull County proved far less productive during the quarter, results show. Halcon Resources Corp.’s Kibler well in Lordstown Township proved the most productive with 65.9 million cubic feet of gas and 1,862 barrels of oil, while another well at the pad yielded 48.3 million cubic feet and 1,454 barrels of oil.

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4th quarter around 90 days :

Halcon - Zerovitch - oil 454 gas 34,846

Enervest - Lennington - oil 621 gas 15,683

Halcon - Brugler - oil 250 gas 9,151

Halcon - Buckeye - oil 276 gas 38,066

Halcon - Avalon - oil 103 gas 32,434

Best oil in Mahoning 2,724.

Hilcorp getting good gas 200,000 / 300,000 right inside the Ohio / Pa border in Poland Township.

Atlas in Columbiana - gas 341,000 and 410,000. Chesapeake some good gas numbers too.

So compare Trumbull's results to Mahoning and Columbiana. Just face reality.    


Just face Reality?
Really? Just what is this supposed to mean?
I think Bp pulling out of Trumbull is reality enough to know that these wells are not doing that great, it does'nt really need your post to show this. Do you happen to know Snort Widley by chance?

Adal. You are correct that the present facts represent the reality --- to this point in the process. It is also correct that none of us, including you, know all of the facts. Is it a fact that the three wells sold by BP are operating at full production? You or I don't know for sure. There is no quality takeaway infrastructue for those wells yet. That is a fact that we know for sure. These three wells were all experimental and drilled with very short horizontals and only using a few fracking stages, another reality. It is a fact that techniques have changed greatly with much longer horizontals and shorter fracking intervals. It is a fact that new fracking procedures that don't use water are showing great success. I understand that it is a fact that water does not perform well in the fracking process in our particular geology. It is an unquestionable fact that Trumbull County is positioned over some serious hydrocarbons that some talented engineers are wanting to produce. I am glad that Mahoning and Columbiana counties have found some success. Counties to the south of you measure the success of their wells at an even higher level. Relax Adal, we know things could be better. The biggest reality we are all facing at present is the manipulation of the market by the Saudis. It doesn't bode well for a lot of smaller companies that are trying hard to succeed. Why don't you contact them and tell them to face reality? I'd love to hear their replies.    Hey MJ, looks like we survived a real "blankety - blank" of a winter. Looking forward to spring. Now that's both fact and reality! 

So saith the Sage...well said once again my friend! Yes one Blankety Blank of a winter! (I heat with wood) Thanks for the well thought out response to this post. I will keep listening to the winds...nothing new that i have heard has been worth it's salt so far.


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