Ok folks it has been quiet here for over two months.  Is any thing going on at all  with the Utica?

How about the old Clinton wells, what is going on with them?

See Halcon is still operating their wells. 

Let's talk it up a little and see if we can figure out when we think oil and gas prices will improve and hopefully we will then begin to see something happening around this part of Ohio!!!

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Someone is drilling a well in Vienna ohio right off of 193 just south of the airport.
Are you a member of ALOV group that's leased with BP? If so they have no plans to drill. Likely have to wait for new drilling company to take leases.

That is interesting about the well in Vienna, is it a production well or an injection well?

No I am not part of the ALOV group.  I am have old Clinton wells operated by NCL  and Halcon has the deep rights.

Hello gentlemen. It is an injection well being drilled by the Kleese's of Vienna. Kleese Development Associates (KDA) is the name of their company. They had serious problems with one of their injection wells on Sodom - Hutchings Rd in Vienna. Seems that Trumbull County is becoming a dumping ground for the refuse from PA and other Ohio counties. That benefits no one but the Kleese's, and I would guess lowers property values near their injection well sites. It is a trade off that would be easier to live with if Trumbull was being developed to it's potential.

I thought I had heard it was an injection well.  Thank you for the information.  I think we need to continue to keep abreast of what is going on locally as well as elsewhere. Lets all keep talking!!

I talked to a young man this past summer who used to work for them.  The things that they (Kleese's) instructed him to do were very bad indeed.  Due to impending suit - I will refrain from any further discussion about that.  Let's suffice it to say that some very unscrupulous tactics were used to extend the injection process far beyond what was intended.

Hi MJ. Through friends and family and over a long stretch of time, I have formed a bit of an opinion about KDA and it's ability to function in a responsible and reliable manner. (I'm trying to be nice). I hope that they are watched VERY closely in their future endeavors to inject everyone else's refuse into our county. Right now, there is no benefit to Trumbull County. Even done correctly, it is considered a negative for land value. The way KDA has performed, the negatives multiply. I wish good luck to those who live near these wells. The industry and KDA will tell us that there are no possible problems, We already know different. I would like to see our area flourish, and drilling could be a huge boost to us. Sloppy or illegal behavior is not the path to overall success. It simply would not end well for residents of our county. 

I wonder how things are going on at the injection well near 11 & 87.

That's a good question. Does anyone know? Who is checking? Are the regulators competent? I know that a lot of us balk at government regulations, and it can hurt industry if overdone. KDA, unfortunately, clearly shows the need for some regulation. Imagine if the O&G industry was left to regulate itself. You might as well ask the family dog to guard the Thanksgiving turkey. Actually, the dog is probably more trustworthy than some O&G companies.I may be sounding a bit negative, but I really don't like companies that damage, lie to, or steal from good people for their private gain. 


Injection well on 87 is very busy. I believe they have someone there 24/7. I often see trucks there of a night and well sight is always has lights on. 

Excuse the interruption fellas but, I've a question.

How do we know what is being pumped into any of these injection wells ?

Could some of them be being used to store NGLs for instance ?

Anyone in Trumbull who were not leased with Bp getting other leases extended?  Chesapeake, Enervest, others?


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