Antero water line right of way easement going through Ritchie, Pleasants and Tyler County?

What kind of lease rates are you receiving for the Antero water line right of way easement going through Ritchie, Pleasants and Tyler County? 
Is this a water line only or what kind of information are you hearing?

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Hello Dusty. My sister and I signed a lease with Antero in Feb. 2012. Our property is in the Ellsworth district in Tyler Co. Do you know if they are drilling around that area yet? And what is the water line right of way easement you are speaking of? Just curious. Thank you for your help.

The Antero website say they have has set aside 150 million dollars for constructing 80 miles of water line.

sounds like you will see a lot of right of way leasing 2013 cheaper than hauling the water, will run from the ohio river 

Also with there budget of over 1.15 Billion dollars for drilling 87% spent in the wet gas they will need a lot of water....  looking good for everyone leased with Antero

That's good news Rick. My sister and I signed with them (Antero) in Feb. 2012.

Carolina Girl, My wife and I signed with Antero in Nov. 2012. we are in Monroe Co. What Co. are you in?

                         Rick, do You Know what Townships the pipeline will run thru?

The pipeline will run as i understand it,  from the Ohio river through Pleasants  Tyler Ritchie county into the  Rt 74 area not sure about Monroe county in Ohio. 

The question on leasing,  They are trying to lease, that i know of in the Carmel Ridge area Pleasants County  100 ft width , for construction ,back to 50 after $1.00 per inch of pipe per linear ft. they are talking possibly 3 lines. that the way it was told to me. if they get something signed, will let you know.

Hello DJM,  Our property is in Tyler Co., (Middlebourne) WV. I live out of state but my sister lives on the property which has been in our family since 1950.

Hello DJM.  Our property is in Tyler Co., WV.  (Middlebourne)

NY property is on the border of wetzel.and tyler on 8 mile ridge...were.elk fork.runs into.8 mile. This is great news for the area.. I've been saying in numerous posts that the infrastructure is the our area. We have tight winding roads, bad bridges, 50 to 100 miles to the nearest interstate, and little to no water. I guess this is why my grandfather bought the "hunting camp" 35 years ago. We are in a remote area and I believe this is the only reason this area hasn't exploded.

I look arounder us on the map and everything looks good. The utica is putting out very high pressure dry gas wells. The marcellus and devonian are producing good wet gas wells. I hope and think.we are in a sweet spot when you all 3 layers. I believe these counties will explode in development once they correct some of the above issues. Hopefully gas prices will be alot higher by then.

Remember, tyler has one of the largest gas wells...ever. The Big Moses accidently discovered while.looking for oil. Wasnt very deep so that gas migrated from.somewere close. Hopefully not my property as I'm about 3 miles as the crow flies.

Stay strong and I think everyone who owns property in tyler will reap great rewards.

Hi Jason, do you have property that the Rover Pipeline is going to cross?

The first word is my property


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