I'm looking for any information on the Leases going on with the W.E Doak or the George Pierson property in Centerville District of Tyler County West Virginia Centerville district.  Parcel # 01-0012-0022-0004 i recently inherited some oil and gas wells I don't have all the parcel numbers yet but the one listed above I just recently Leased To CNX Rescorces. I don't know anything at all about any of this. Any information on my properties and Mineral rights would be so very much appreciated.  Since I have leased this is property mentioned above when will expect to see royalty payments? Willb the Royalties be very small? Anything you can help with would be awesome.... Thank you all and God Bless!

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There is so much that comes into play.
Your lease terms will determine how much your royalty payments will be.
Also is there already a producing well? Is there a well pad being drilled or fracked? That will give you an idea of the timeframe that you will receive payment.

The wvdep website has a lot of great information.(active well, well location, production reports, etc...)

You can look up online the amount a well is producing, look at your percentages in the unit, and your lease terms to figure out your royalty payments. I believe you can find the unit information on the Tyler county courthouse website
Hope that helps you get started.

Ok so here is the latest news i have. CNX called me this morning to inform me that they didn't know anything about a lease i had already signed and notarized  which i had aent them over a year ago. Apparently the landsman of mine got fired and someone else took over.. She was very friendly and more helpful than anyone I have spoke with at CNX.. Since they lost my paperwork and  only 2 of us four siblings were paid for that lease are they in default of their promised lease payment to the other two of us never were paid? I have no idea and CNX dont either. They have contacted me on sever occasions telling me that they found more interest that i have on all these really small.. i would think small to me but i i don't Know.  Point being why wouldn't they have found it all at one time when i signed the affidavit of heirship. Why only pay some people that signed the same lease and not follow through with their agreement.  Last i heard from the landman that was canned was they didnt need the leasew ror any of my intrest, although i have several . Who knows whats goung on. They cant ever provided a clear answer.

Why is there no current information on $ per acre, royalties, and names of oil companies?

There has been little activity in many counties until the last several months. I haven't seen anything for this district for awhile. Maybe they have leased what they want and are planning the drilling. Probably Antero is active in this area.

Thanks for getting back to me!


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