Two questions.

1. I just got a popup that said " Network At Risk Of Being Disabled". Can't remember. Do we need to pay for using GMS? Been a long while since I have been on.

2. We leased 150 acres to Antero in Meade. They Unitized and drilled on only 40 acres. The 5 year lease is up. Don't they need to give me something showing that we now have the 110 acres unencumbered? The Pugh clause thing which we have in the lease. How does that work?


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Hi Jim, 

Are these the same minerals you sold to Antero earlier this year? 

Curious how you knew about the sale. A one off. No, this is the Freeland Unit land/wells.

You had previously posted about the sale to Antero on one of the GMS forums.In any event, your full lease should specify how to request a release pursuant to the Pugh clause. You'll likely have to send a letter in. 

Yea. I can't find that lease yet. Checked another Antero lease with a Pugh clause and it wasn't helpful. Will keep looking. Thanks.

Just in case you haven't figured this out already, you'll want to request a release from Antero.  Probably just call the Owner Relations line and leave a message.  303-357-6405.  They usually get back within a few days, but sometimes they're backed up and it might be a couple weeks.


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