What is happening with Hadley well?


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I live right beside the gravel road leading up to the Hadley Well. For the last few weeks many gravel trucks and big trucks with what looks like pipe fittings, have gone in and and out. Does anybody know what is going on? When will they go into production? How much in royalties per acre can one expect? Thanks!

Best of Luck to you, Manuela !  Glad to see on this discussion


Just a thought ?  If they are adding 4 more Verticals....  Wouldn't that mean 4  times the money ?

Supposedly mineral owners are to get a letter in December & royalties starting in March. It is my understanding that the well was drilled last December & capped awaiting the pipeline. I also heard that they struck oil, which they could have trucked out. Have you seen any activity that would indicate that this happened? All my info is hearsay. We live out of state, so it is really helpful to hear from you Manuela. Thank you.


I heard through a mineral buyer that it is doing 108 barrels a day

I talked to Chesapeake last week and the said  8h was shown as  producing as of 2-5-14 and division orders should be forthcoming. She said we should have further info by June.

Hello Steve, your post surprises me, because I was told by my landman, that Chesapeake doesn't even own the hadley well anymore. A norwegian company owns it now. I find it very rude that none of the land owners tied into the Hadley well, ever received any information about this! I live right beside the Hadley well, watching traffic in and out everyday. I have watched tankers come out of there and I am sure they didn't come out empty! Today they must have started to drill again, We have been hearing this really low rumbling noise that also can be felt. How do we now what they haul out of there? They can tell us 10 barrels per day, but really taking 100 barrels a day. Who is overseeing the production? I think we have a right to know what is going on! The next time I see a tanker come out of there I will try to stop him and will ask what he is hauling. I think they are playing us for fools!

Thanks for the reply Manuela. I am in the dark on this for sure. My info was from the company info line. Wish I knew more.

I have been watching big tanker trucks go in and out of the Hadley well property. We all know that those trucks don't come out of there empty. Today I was able to see the name of one of those trucks, it reads Cass City Oil & Gas. So I called them and they informed me that they leased out some of their trucks to another compony called L & L Transporting. Yes, I called them, too. The guy told me that he wasn't requiered to answer my question since I did not hire him. However, he did tell me that he was hired by this other compony to haul liquids out of the Hadley well. Again, we know it's not liquid as in water! So, I wonder where my royalty check is! ??????? I am getting a little upset. I feel like I am getting cheated! Does anybody else have any update on this?

Manuela, Keep after them !!!!!   Do NOT...give up.... as for your Royalties ?   The Squeaky wheel gets " OILED "   first !!!!   Good Luck....

Hello, I talked to Chesapeake yesterday  and was told that the Hadley well produced so far 5000 barrels of oil and 250000 mcf of gas in the last 5 months (production started early Feb.). My question is: I own 3 net acres and 14% royalties. Can anybody tell me what kind of check I can expect??? Chesapeake was not able to answer me that, but told me that I should have a check no later than the last of August! ANy help in this is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I don't have the daily price of gas on hand, so I can't do the calculations to determine how much royalty you should get.  I also don't know what kinds of deductions they'll be taking out of your royalty.  I can tell you that these companies seem to be holding on to royalty checks for an awfully long time.  If you want to get a royalty check quickly, you're going to have to hound them to death.  Even that might not work.  I have a client who ended up hiring me to write a letter to Antero about non-payment of royalties.  That got them moving, but it still took a few weeks.  Pro tip: give them deadlines, such as when you will hire an attorney, when you will file a lawsuit, when you will go to the press, etc.


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