I live in VA but have an interest in oil wells in Tyler County, WV..I got a letter today (7-16-15) from a Jeremiah Campbell, Landman, of Pittsburgh, PA wanting to buy up to 50% interest in my interest and the parcel must be 20 acres or larger.

I do not want to sell my mineral rights at this time. Does anyone know of his Jeremiah Campbell?  

Thank you,

Edgar Cross

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Sorry number is 304-758-0911

Kyle Nuttall seems to give good advice.  Otherwise, know your tax District, and if unleased, start at 5k a net mineral acre and ask for a non-refundable option to let them do a title search.  Mineral buyers abound, but do not start spending asking price lol.  Make sure taxes up to date too.  Good luck!

Why is there no current information on this ste?

I've wondered that myself. There's oil and gas activity on the ground, there's leasing and pipeline easement activity coming through my office. I have at least one potential new client call the office every day. I'm not sure why discussion has dropped off so much on this site. There's one thread where people discuss oil and gas from an investment point of view (mostly) and it gets activity. But aside from that, there's just not much going on here any more.

I would like a copy of your handbook, should I call you?

Yes. Just let front office staff know you'd like a copy of the handbook and they'll send you one. It's electronic at this point because so many people who own WV minerals live out of state, so they'll email it to you.

Thanks!  I did call last week and haven’t received a return call yet!  I’ll try again Monday!


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