We all know that Halcon's Allam 1H well is "currently shut-in awaiting infrastructure".  So what's the plan?  Well, at least according to a PA EPA permit issued 5/10/2013 there is a pipeline project in the works to run from the Allam site to the "National Fuel Pipeline".  Where on the Nat. Fuel system, you ask?  It would appear that since the EPA permit covers both French Creek and Mineral Townships, Falcon intends to connect to Nat. Fuel Pipeline at the Henderson Station located at 241 Henderson Station Rd. in Mineral Twp.  The distance from Allam site is about 9 miles.  Recall that Halcon is also laying pipe from the Rainbow site to Allam (about 2 miles). 

Any additional insight or details?

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I'm guessing "...your role in the Marcellus?" should be "Gas Professional" instead of "Other." Any additional insights or details?

It's PA DEP btw, but no one's counting. Just moderately lame for a professional. />


Ha Ha.  Whoops. Thanks.


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