We just received a call from Range Resources to talk about leasing our property in Jackson Twp.   Has anyone else been contacted?  They did not get into any discussion and said they would be contacting us in the near future, they were just getting some general information in this call.

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If your property would be a key parcel in completing a drilling unit, like the remaining piece in a puzzle, your leverage would increase in negotiating a lease.

Good point!

Have any other companies put out this type of proposal?  I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere the other forums.

I got it today, if I only had a birdcage to line.  I may not be the smartest person in the world, but I'm certainly not the dumbest. $750/acre/year, 15%net, 5years.  Boiler plate wording. 

Sounds like same dam one I got back in October. There must be land owners signing them or they would be raising the offer.   

That is what happens when there are no landowner groups to band together.  Keep the people separated and uninformed, and they will sign.

They can capture the gas but cann't frac the shale over that line. That's why usually stay 250 feet away, the frac comes to the line but not over. Something they also have to consider is the shape (directions) of your property lines in relation to the well pads.

That makes sense Tim. It may be legal to drill alongside an unleased  property, but it wouldn't seem functional or ethical to do so. 


If you know of a specific well in PA where they drilled right down along an unleased property line would you provide that information? Thanks

Please read section six. I believe this should help clear things up.


 A Titusville Atty sued them for 28 million for ripping us off. I've had a good standard gas well NON-unitized with them for years means I am paid way more then others. What you want to know. I am a Federal Law Specialist and wrote my lease with 5 amendments protecting my land, water etc.  I can tell you what you want and what not to do. I just sent them an email yesterday about doing another standard well they wanted and a marcellus and utica well as I am over both and they know my property is like something they never seen before my hill grows in elevation.  I'm in Guys Mills. I'm also going. to be a serious Presidential Candidate in 2016 and may chose Jesse Ventura as a tag team effort. I've actually invented two new forms of free energy for electric and fueling cars because I'm sick of wall street destroying this Country Rob Sandera

So, has anyone had any luck negotiating with Range?  They are still handing out the same lease.  I think I remember someone on a different thread saying they signed but were only paid for 1 year, and that Range cancelled the lease about 1 week before the next bonus payment was due.

Also, with this kind of "per year" wording, doesn't that make the primary term of the lease 1 year? So that essentially the landowner is granting Range 5 primary terms????


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