Hi all,

   I was curious if anyone has heard anything about a potential pipeline wanting to be installed in the southern portion of Venango county?  I have heard rumor of a line through Richland and Rockland Township.  Wondered if anyone else had heard talk of it.


Thank you

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National fuel gas has a transmission line running through Rockland and Richland townships, but I do not know of any new construction. Tenn. gas is building a new compressor sta. in Cranberry township, Venango county.

have they starting building the new compressor station?  if so, when will it be completed? 


Tenn. gas main line valves were cut in the pipeline last summer, the dirt work is under way now. Station is to be completed this fall, Alot of the station is pre-fabed.

Where is the location of the compressor plant? Do you know if they expect to handle any wet gas there?
No wet gas. this is just a booster station between the Mercer station and the Marienville comperssor stations, transmission gas only, no production. Station is located on Meadow Church rd.

We were contacted a few months back from some contractors working for Williams, the transmission company.  From what i have seen they do a lot of transmissions for Chevron (Atlas).  The were interested in an easement across our property.  They came with one written up, we gratefully took it off their hands, and took it to our attorney for review.  That was in march or april.  Have not heard anything since then.  They called yesterday and left a message on the answering machine that they were wanting to schedule another appointment to meet again.

We are in Richland township, venango county.  I have talked with a few of our neighbors, but i wondered how far they had contacted people, and where they were planning on tying it in a line at?  Has anyone else heard anything?  They have maps for the proposed line across our property and the neighbors.

Brian: Seneca has a permit for a well in Richland township 10200ft. Have not heard anything about a new pipeline, did hear Atlas was to be active in Venango and Clarion county next year.

Initially Seneca was to start that well this fall in Richland.  But from what i have heard now they are waiting until they finish that well up near Polk. With the depth of that permit, I was not sure if they would be targeting the Utica or going further down to the TBR.  In any case, things should start to get a little more interesting next year.

Chevron was around and got GPS coords of the water wells on our property.  I also have heard that they should be becoming more active next year in our area (both Venango and Clarion counties)  A few of the neighbors have existing leases with the then Atlas, but now chevron.  I believe they are trying to get some unitization issues worked out.

I was down at the PA One Call Safety Day last week.  Williams handed out an info sheet.  There was a map of their assets in PA on the back.  It shows a Laurel Mountain Midstream (joint venture between Williams Partners and Chevron) line running through Richland/Rockland Twp to the NFG line.  It also shows an icon that says Proposed Plant along the run.  The map doesn't show townships though so hard to tell exactly where it sits.  Its not a compressor station though as they have a different icon.

Would you be able to email me that map?

Thank you

Any word on this or other pipelines? Are they still working on it or have they given up?

Nothing new with it. Put some stakes in the ground over a year ago. Nothing since then


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