As I was driving out to my farm about 2 months ago I noticed that there was a derrick on the old Redbird store site.

The old Store is gone and the whole top of the hill there has been leveled into a well pad of some kind with an access road from 339.

I watched this for about 3 weeks and the last time I went by (about 2 weeks ago) I seen that the derrick and the drill were disassembled and ready for transport.

I do not know if this is a Utica, Marcellus or just an injection well but it was marked "Redbird Well No. 1" but I forgot the driller name (sorry).  

This well sits about one half mile south of the Veto lake turn off on Route 339, Veto/Vincent Ohio.

Anyone know anything about this well?

I own property in Wesley township about 10 miles east on 555 Which we leased in 2011 and the renegotiation will start in 2016, any help on ID of this well would be greatly appreciated.



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Can I ask you you leased with in Wesley Township?  Any new leasing going on down there, got a few acres and have never been approached about leasing.

That is an injection well.

So Ohio is importing Brine from WV and PA as in the 2 WV Licensed tank trucks I passed heading west on route 32 / route 7 yesterday afternoon.  

Great Job by our Gov. Kasich to set Ohio up as the Dumping ground for other State's garbage.   Sad.



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