I was wondering if anyone has information about activity in Cook and Ligonier townships?  I understand that there is a company called Green Earth Energy going around forming landowner groups.  I have been watching the courthouse website and there is SLOW progress in leasing in these townships.  No sight of the "landman".  Anybody with info about this company or leasing in these townships would be great. Also in news of the WPX Williams pipeline in this area?

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Do you happen to have any contact info (names/numbers) for anyone at Green Earth? I'm interested in leasing and I've heard of this outfit taking leases for the bigger producers.

Sorry don't have a name just been told they are working on the ridge bordering Cook and Ligonier townships. Where is your property located?

Here is an email address:  greenearthenergyusa@gmail.com  and their webpage is at: http://www.greenearthenergyusa.com/index.php.  If you contact them, I would be interested in hearing what they have to say as I have land in Cook Twp that the lease recently expired on.

Please visit our website with your contact information and email address and I would be happy to give you information on what we are doing in Cook Twp.


Thank you 



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