I have about 40 acres in Mt Pleasant Twp that I would like to lease to a gas driller.  Does anyone know who I should contact?  Thanks in advance-

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Chevron would be your best bet. They purchased part of Atlas Energy and I believe that is who is now leasing in Mt. Pleasant area.
Mt. Pleasant Twp. is in a suspect geological area.  It's going to be a while before anything gets done there.

From what I understand, it depends on what side of Route 982 you are on.  Going up the mountain, the shale formation gets a steep angle.  Possible even rolls over, which is not good.

Thanks - the property is west of Rt 982 near Fiedor's Grove.  So far I have contacted Atlas, Rex and Range but none have shown interest.  Any suggestions on how to generate some income on my property with a gas lease would be appreciated.  Thanks again.


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