How do I find out in what unit my 100 acres is aggregated.  There are two Marcellus well sites permited, one on each side of me (Fairfield Twp Westmoreland County.

Can a 100 acre farm be included in more than one unit?  Isn't some overlap possible?

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Dennis - you can search on Westmoreland County recorder of deeds website to see if the unit has been recorded. I just received my first royalty check and never saw anything from the gas company telling me that I was even in a unit - I just checked the recorder of deeds website weekly until I saw my name on a unit.  The gas company told me I won't see a division order (which shows you your percentage interest in the unit) for at least six months.

What gas company are you signed with?

Sounds like your company is doing things backasswards.  You should receive notice of the unit when you get notice that a permit has been applied for, unless you're added to the unit after it initially spuds.
I've received two royalty checks now with no notice of being in a unit or any other information. 


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