Environmental Service Laboratories, INC is in the area testing the water wells. Took all kinds of bottles for lots of tests. We should get our results back in a couple of months.

This testing is for the Dermotta Unit 2, 3, 4 H.

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Just offering a bit of advice from an area that has been through it... have your water tested privately.  Pay the money and get the methane tests done and also have a flow test done.  That one time test done by the gas company before they drill will not hold up if you would have to prove a case of fouled water.  DEP will say 1 test does not provide a history.  Furthermore... if they are testing your water that most likely means they expect to be drilling somewhere within 1000 ft of your water well.  Don't be fooled into thinking that if a contract was signed and they said they will fix your water they will do so automatically.  If DEP doesn't find WITHOUT DOUBT that the gas company caused the problems... you are left to fight a losing battle on your own. 

Still do not have the results.

Still no results


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