Wishguard ws supposedly paying by Jan 31 in Wood County? Just curious if anyone got a check?

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Are you aware that Wishgard is in bankruptcy in Pittsburgh?  Add me as a friend and we can talk privately about it further if you want.  There are lots of interesting issues surrounding the bankruptcy as it pertains to landowners.

I signed with Wishgard on May 16th 2012 at their Parkersburg office. My payment was due on December 1st. I have never received anything. I have emailed Hal Whitlatch numerous times and was told to wait another 30 days. I was also told on May 16th "If you sign the lease, you will be paid". I have checked the Jackson County Clerks office and have verified that the lease has not been recorded. I also turned down another earlier lease offer for less money and now have nothing. I will not accept another lowball offer from a middleman again.

Never got paid , just a lot of grief. Negate now ! It took two months to get it done.

Are you getting any new activity in Wood Cty lately?

Cabot during the conference call mentioned that they have a well planned for Wood County this year .


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