Measures to Moderate

As GMS has grown, we have had to develop a fair and efficient way of moderating the site. I, and I know you, desire for GMS to remain a site where we can post without the need to put up with indecent or rude behavior. We have simply reached a membership size (14,000+) where this is needed.


Here are the components of the measure we are taking to keep GMS a pleasure to visit.


  1. Membership Advisory Council. This council is made up of 10, or so, individuals who enjoy GMS, have found the site useful, and want to see it remain a success. I will lean on them to help report issues, moderate and make decisions on what consists of a violation. Additionally, they will assist in perfecting the user agreement.
  2. Warning Wall (view here)This will be filed under the "Members" tab. The Wall will be a public location where I will list those who have violated GMS user guidelines.
    • After the first violation, the member will be warned and  listed on the wall
    • After the second violation, (if it occurs within 6 months from the first), that member will be permanently banned.
  3. You. GMS still remains a peer monitored site. This is your community so please report anything that you believe to violate site guidelines. Email it to us at

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