T Boone Pickens Plan – Will it work?

Last night I saw a commercial for the Pickens Plan (www.pickensplan.com). If you have not checked his plan out, make sure you do. The last time we saw a Texan putting on a personal campaign of such magnitude was Ross Perot. Pickens plans on spending $58 million promoting the use of wind power and increased use of natural gas. Perot spent around $64 million dollars on his 1992 campaign.

Remember the last Texan to mount such a PR capaign?

Some have questioned his motives. I will hold off. If his plan does free us from foriegn oil dependence, he deserves all the riches that come his way. That is how these things work...you come up with a good idea, you should be rewarded for your brillance. If it fails, well, that is a different story.

Well, Pickens piqued my curiosity so I went to website to check it out. His plan is intriguing. I know his plan would mean good things for the natural gas industry, but can it work? Well, after my thorough research, I have determined that I don't know. Some think not. Perhaps some of you out there have the answers. For me, the better question, "is it worth a try?" It certainly sounds better than the ethanol route the government has so heavily invested in. Any thoughts?

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Comment by Carolyn Erman on December 5, 2008 at 12:40pm
The plan sounds practical, viable, and great to me. Of course he should receive reward for his idea, his effort, his part. Many of us landowners hope to receive reward simply for being in the right place at the right time, yet many, doing essentially nothing, are tempted to lambast oilmen or whatever-men for making money on deliberate ideas and investments. Is that just? I don't think so. I also very much like the way TBP presents himself. I have seen him a number of times in interviews, and he stays completely calm in the face of goading, thinly-disguided critical questions. That is usually the sign of a man with a truly clear conscience. Once asked if he felt guilty, now, for his huge history in (dirty) oil, he utterly calmly replied (not exact quote, but close), "No. I'm a good geologist. I found oil. I burned it in my car. You burn it in yours," (GOOD point, we ALL did and do), and he went on to say that now that a better option is known, (for vehicles--nat'l gas), he's pursuing that. And wind for much else. I've read that natural gas for the 18 wheelers will be 80% cleaner and 50% cheaper. If that's true, I sure hope the word gets out, to stop the misguided "don't go from one fossil fuel to another" thinking.

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