There was an anti-fracking rally in Albany this week, the latest in a series of nonsensical events where natural gas opponents from various states gather as "New Yorkers," sing, preaches to themselves and issue each other atta-boys and atta-girls for what is childish behavior in most eyes.

Our friends on the other side held their big rally in Albany, New York this week. We have seen them come up to Albany again and again. They come up, spread their misinformation and mistruths and then, after spending all day sitting on a lawn in front of the Capitol Building carrying on, singing and chanting with their plastic signs, they get back in their diesel buses and drive the few hours home.

This rally was no different. They brought a couple hundred people to Albany (far from the 2,000 reported), taught them lyrics they made up to some familiar music and screamed their misinformation into the microphone. We saw all the same faces and heard all the same lines. Craig Stevens of Silver Lake Township in Pennsylvania made his appearance without fail, bringing along junkyard owner Ray Kemble. There was also a vehicle with a Maryland license plate and I would argue there were many more out-of-staters than the media was lead to believe.

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