American Rivers is another one of those elitist groups more interested in stopping development of any kind and self-perpetuating their organization than protecting rivers. Their “most endangered river” program is pure demagoguery.

There was much ado back in 2010 about American Rivers designating the Delaware River as “America’s Most Endangered River,” based on the mere prospect of natural gas drilling in that river basin. Rebecca Wodder, its then Executive Director, came to Narrowsburg to proclaim the Delaware is “threatened by natural gas extraction activities in the Marcellus Shale, where chemicals injected into the ground create untreatable toxic wastewater.”

One would think a professional fear-monger might have come up with something more original. She’s a true believer type, of course, and, thankfully, subsequently lost out on an Department of Interior appointment as Assistant Secretary due to her radical views on hydraulic fracturing. Don’t weep for her, though, as she got a consolation prize as “Senior Advisor” to the Department, where she remains.

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