Appalachian Basin Gets Its Own Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit

Several energy companies have worked with the Oilfield Energy Center to develop a Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit (MOLU) circulating the Appalachian region.

For the very first time the Appalachian basin will be getting its very own MOLU. The MOLU, or Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit, is a traveling exhibition run by the Oilfield Energy Center that teaches students in grades 5-8 about energy and the technologies and sciences involved with the oil and natural gas industry.

The MOLU has six individual stations comprised of four activities per station, creating 24 unique educational activities for students. Students travel around in pairs, spending a few minutes at each station learning, filling out an accompanying “MOLU Pass” and exploring the hands on materials – like a robotic arm and a microscope. Each session is around 90 minutes long, with pre and post visit materials to demonstrate the gained knowledge.

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