Bob Poloncic takes anti-gas activists to the woodshed

Bob Poloncic, president of the Vestal Landowners Coalition in Vestal, Broome County, reviews statements made by anti-natural gas activists and finds their claims lack scientific merit.

In one of the presidential debates, Mitt Romney stated he had five boys and was used to people saying something over and over again with the hope that it would come true. It seems Mr. Romney’s boys and New York anti-natural gas activists have something in common.

Multiple opinion articles have been submitted to papers across New York recently opposing natural gas development. These articles include claims that hydraulic fracturing will poison our drinking water, ruin our food supply, and cause a mass exodus of individuals leaving the state.

All of these claims are driven by hysterics, or at the very least theatrics. None are backed by objective facts or research. They amount to personal opinions turned into speculation at the stroke of a pen.

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