Brookhaven Decision on Power Plant A Sign of Peak Fractivism and Return of Reason

The recent decision by the Brookhaven, Long Island Town Board to approve a gas power plant is evidence of a return to reason and rejection of fractivism.

Caithness Energy is a privately held company that specializes in buying or building (and operating) renewable energy and natural gas-fired power plants. We’ve written about a number of gas-fired generating projects they own or are involved with, over t.... Caithness owns a 350 megawatt natgas-fired power plant in Yaphank, NY, on Long Island. For more than four years Caithness has had a plan to build a second natgas-fired plant next to the first.

The original plan was for a 750 MW plant, later scaled back to 600 MW. Local leaders in Brookhaven Town in which the existing and proposed power plant projects sit has been against the plan for a new power plant. The town passed restrictions in 2015 that tied the hands of Caithness, making the project impossible to build.

As recently as May of this year, members of the town board expressed their doubts about the new project. But then, all of a sudden, the board reversed course and last Thursday voted to repeal the 2015 restriction that limits the type of equipment Caithness can use in building the plant. No, it’s not a ringing endorsement and it’s not full approval of the plan (many more local and state hoops will have to be jumped through). But it certainly signals a change of heart by town leaders.

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