Cabot Call Hims Out: Bill Huston, You Have A Problem

Binghamton Bill Huston told a whopper the other day, revealing a combination of arrogance and ignorance in his passionate desire to attack Cabot Oil & Gas.

As a responsible corporation, Cabot believes that educating the public about oil and natural gas production is part of our duty. When we hear concerns from the public regarding our operations, we do our best to respond with factual information. Transparency and accuracy, however, is a two way street.

Several people have noticed a Facebook post by anti-natural gas activist Bill Huston from Binghamton, NY, containing egregious lies about a Cabot water truck. Cabot does not usually address falsities from out-of-state activists; however, we see this as an educational opportunity to clarify our responsible stormwater management and safe trucking practices with a little research.

Here is an excerpt from Huston’s post, which also contained other inaccurate claims:

“Nope. Nothing unusual here. Just an ordinary July 4th, when an 11 BBL GDS (Cabot) “Residual Waste” truck somehow lost his load 30 min after driving up to Costello #2 on top of the hill. Note tag axel is up. He’s a lot lighter now! GDS truck #827. National Response Center (NRC) and PA DEP called.”

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