Cabot Oil & Gas, has, in five short years, become the model of how to do business in our region, earning excellent profits for its stockholders, maintaining excellent relationships with the communities where it works and improving the lives of just about ever Susquehanna County resident. It’s no coincidence.

I went on a natural gas well tour conducted by Cabot Oil & Gas the other day with a few guests. We were fortunate a friend of mine took us in his RV. On our way down Pennsylvania’s Route 29 the RV started to act as if the engine was skipping.

We made it to Cabot Oil & Gas home office between Dimock and South Montrose and decided to send most of the group off in one of the Cabot’s CNG vehicles along with a guide. I stayed behind with the driver to help diagnose the issue. The engine is a diesel and I crawled under to see if I could get easy access to the fuel drain.

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