Center for Biological Diversity Does Psychological Warfare for Elites

The Center for Biological Diversity is doing psychological warfare or Psych-Ops on behalf of Tides Foundation elites against the good people of Ohio.

Our good friend Jackie Stewart at Energy In Depth has done some of her best work with a story yesterday on the Center for Biological Diversity and its Psych-Ops campaign against natural gas development in Ohio’s Wayne National Forest. I encourage readers to go there and explore what she’s put together.

A warning, though, is in very much in order. This article will make you angry—very angry—at how a special interest organization masquerading as a charity is able to tie government up in knots with lawsuits and other nefarious tactics. You’ll be enraged at how tax-exempt non-profits do the bidding of wealthy elites and deny economic opportunity to the ordinary working people who make America great. It’s disgusting.

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