There is no end to doomsday prophesying when it comes to shale gas and the Clean Air Council is right there at the front of the pack crying wolf, but a recent Pennsylvania DEP report shows the CAC was off by a factor of 17 to 1.

Earlier this year the Heinz Endowments funded Clean Air Council (CAC) issued anews release claiming “The Barto Compressor Station in Penn Township, Lycoming County is creating pollution concentrations nearly three times the amount allowed under the federal health-based air quality standards.” It was a highly flawed study, as Energy In Depth noted at the time, and one based on predictions rather than real-time results, which seems to a common trick employed by some environmentalists these days when the simple facts don’t suit their desired outcomes.

Nonetheless, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) investigated, conducting actual air-quality field testing to assess the veracity of the CAC modeling.  DEP found “no emission levels of nitrogen dioxide that would pose a health concern” providing yet another example of the anti-fracking industry crying wolf.

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