Con Ed May Require New Yorkers to Pay More for Gas When They Need It

Con Ed, the electric utility behometh for the Big Apple and environs is gearing up to ration natural gas by price during periods of peak use. Thank Cuomo.

As a totally corrupt Governor Andrew Cuomo battles against a flaky actress for the Democrat nomination to be the next governor of a dying Empire State, Con Ed is laying the groundwork to address what Cuomo has wrought.

Cuomo imagines the way to reach New Yorkers’ inflated egos and hearts and maybe secure the Presidency is to move ever leftward toward the lunatic fringe cliff. He has no equal among the masters of demagoguery and has cut off one source of natural gas after another by assuming dictatorial powers over fracking and pipelines for the sake of environmental extremist bragging rights. It’s likely he’ll be re-elected despite everything, so Con Ed is moving to do exhaust it must do to address thge coming natural gas shortage in New York City.

This story has gotten zero attention but it tells exactly where Andrew Cuomo’s policies are taking New Yorkers. It comes from the Energy Information Administration’s Natural Gas Weekly of August 23 and here are the basics (forwarded to me by a good friend and industry observer):

On August 9, 2018, the New York Public Service Commission  approved a petition by Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (Con Edison) for a $5 million, three-year natural gas demand response (DR) pilot program, among the first uses of DR for natural gas. Demand response programs help manage utility usage during periods of peak demand.

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