Corruptocrat and Bay State Bozos Bring Russian LNG to US

Andrew Cuomo, Gov. Corruptocrat, and dumb as a rock Massachusetts politicians have succeeded in bringing Russian LNG to the US through their pipeline delays.

Andrew Cuomo, not so affectionately known here as Governor Corruptocrat, has stopped three separate pipeline projects intended to bring natural gas top New York and New England. Bay State politicians of no spine have likewise caved to extreme environmentalists and fractivists in killing their own projects. There results of this corruption and incompetence are the highest natural gas prices in the world during the cold snap and the delivery of high-cost, high-carbon Russian LNG to the country that brought us the shale revolution and could have delivered low-cost, low-carbon shale gas to New York and New England but their obstinance.

Here’s the stunning news akin to delivering coal to Newcastle and ice to the Eskimos:

Not many people had expected the U.S. to turn to Europe for natural gas this winter.
Yet the polar chill that gripped the U.S. East Coast this month, and sent  spot prices to records, has led to a tanker loading a cargo of liquefied natural gas in the U.K. for Boston, some of which was likely produced by a U.S.-sanctioned project in Siberia.

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