Duplicitous Bill McKibben Shills for Rockefeller Special Interests

Bill McKibben has been shilling for the Rockefeller family for a very long time, trusting and turning to fit their evolving special interest agenda.

The Western Journal published a piece on Bill McKibben the other day that caught my attention as an observer of the Rockefeller family’s ubiquitous influence over all things fractivist in nature. Bill McKibben is a quick on his feet smooth talking guy who is able to adapt to circumstances. He’s been adapting a lot on the subject of natural gas, the special interests of his benefactors having evolved with the shale revolution.

Here’s the end of the Western Journal story on Bill McKibben, which, for me, is really the beginning:

McKibben was  singing a different tune in 2009 when he felt so strongly about power plants switching to natural gas he was willing to be jailed in support of the cause. He was one of several celebrities who protested on Capitol Power Plant’s front steps in Washington, D.C.
“There are moments in a nation’s — and a planet’s — history when it may be necessary for some to break the law … We will cross the legal boundary of the power plant, and we expect to be arrested,” McKibben  told reporters prior to the March 3, 2009, protest.

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