Earthjustice Continues to Spread Fake Facts and Junk Science

Abigail Dillen, an Earthjustice VP, tries spread dirt by reciting junk science and debunked facts about natural gas and it clearly shows.

Those in opposition to natural gas cling to ideas no matter how many times they are discredited. It is the same with anti-vaxers who would rather put their communities and their own children at risk than admit vaccines do not cause autism.

You have those who demand GMOs be labeled so they can avoid the unavoidable and stick it Monsanto; everything we consume is a GMO in some capacity, and even Bill Nye stands behind genetically modified foods. Trendy anti-something causes are just that—fads—based on poor science or no science at all that come and go as often as diet trends or late-night exercise equipment infomercials.

No other anti activist is more brainwashed by fake news and false reports than anti-frackers or fractivists. It is clear when you look at this recent post on the Earthjustice site. Titled “Here’s The Dirt That Industry Won’t Tell You About ‘Clean’ Natural Gas,” it cites four  overused and, frankly, unoriginal junk science themes that serve as a window into how these fractivists think. I would expect something more clever coming from the author, Abigail Dillen, EarthJustice’s VP of Litigation, Climate & Energy.

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