Fantasy Flights of the Mind from the “Keep-It-in-the-Ground” Folks

The “Keep-It-in-the-Ground” movement is built upon completely thoughtless fantasies of the mind; flights into the never-never dreamland of ideologues.

If you’ve got a few minutes to kill and you want to see something really cool, click on this link and see how many aircraft are in the sky right now. You can zoom in close to see hundreds of airplanes flying over your state, or you can zoom out and see literally thousands of jetliners and private planes in flight around the globe in real time. These are flights the Keep-It-in-the-Ground folks pretend not to see.

According to the FAA, there are more than 5,000 aircraft in the sky at any given moment and more than 43,000 flights handled by air traffic controllers every day of the year. Each one of these aircraft is carrying from one to two hundred-plus passengers on their way to business meetings, vacations, family reunions, and countless other important destinations. And not a single one of those jets would be in the air if the Keep It in the Ground activists ever realized their dystopian vision of a world without oil and natural gas.

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