FERC Hailed for NY DEC Overturn as Other Pipelines Seek Relief

FERC delivered a blow to the NY DEC by overturning their Millennium Pipeline denial; the Constitution and Northern Access pipelines will now seek similar relief.

Yesterday we told you history has been made, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has broken the back of the New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) by overturning the DEC’s decision to block a short pipeline Millennium wants to build to a power plant in Orange County.

The DEC has also blocked federally-approved pipeline projects in two other cases, the Constitution Pipeline, a $683 million, 124-mile pipeline from Susquehanna County, PA to Schoharie County, NY carrying Marcellus gas (a Williams project), and the Northern Access Pipeline, a $455 million project includes building 97 miles of new pipeline along a power line corridor from northwestern Pennsylvania up to Erie County, NY, to carry Marcellus gas northward (a National Fuel Gas Company project).

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