Josh Fox continues to spin yarns about the natural gas industry but this time he got caught by Aspen Public Radio, no less, when a fair-minded actual journalist asked him an innocent but forbidden question.

Well, it finally is getting the attention it deserves. Josh Fox’s phony story about getting a $100,000 lease offer is now exposed for the falsehood it always was. Josh Fox never owned any land in Milanville, never got a $100,000 offer and didn’t get the lease he flashed on the screen in Gasland.

It was all the fantasy of a man “immersed in his own reality,” as he likes to say. Several people, including members of the Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance (NWPOA), the producers of FrackNation and folks at Energy In Depth (including yours truly) have been articulating the facts for a couple of years now, but it took a NPR reporter in Aspen who had the gall to actually ask Fox a simple question about it, to finally get some traction for the truth.

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