A recent incident in Franklin Forks, Pennsylvania, demonstrates just how easily the record can be distorted on natural gas development by special interests determined to exploit accusations, assertions and speculation as if they were facts.

Some folks reading the title ”Guilty until Proven Innocent” might not catch the error in this statement.

Public opinion has become the new justice system as a mob mentality seems to have taken over. Too often, though, the opinion, unfortunately, is not from research, but from groups who are employed to change public opinion (e.g., NRDC, Food & Water Watch, Sierra Club). These environmental groups seen have no boundaries. A once respected driven cause has now gained enough power to work the opposite of its original intent, damaging those who operate on legitimate foundations.

I’ll use just one example. Google “Franklin Forks, PA.” It’s a small town like its neighbor Dimock. Until recently few ever heard of either place. Franklin Forks has a State Park called Salt Springs. Mostly, it’s noted for bubbling methane (better known as natural gas) in the spring water. However, when you google Franklin Forks you’re not going to see this state park on the first or the second page of listings. What you will find is the story of the Manning family and their supposedly contaminated water well. It was all over the TV, internet, and newspapers.


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