Global Frackdown? Nah..Time to Drill for Natural Gas Now

Vic Furman says the crass nature of the Global Frackdown reveals its hypocrisy and the money behind it. It’s time to drill for natural gas now in Upstate New York.

Yesterday, in case you didn’t notice and you probably didn’t, there was supposed to be a worldwide event called “Global Frackdown.” It was organized by Food and Water Watch, a special interest group that operates on an annual budget of over $11.5 million and has taken $810,000 over the last decade from the Park Foundation. They’re out of Ithaca and specialize in funding anti-gas initiatives. They’re a bunch of snob NIMBY types who use natural gas to heat their own homes, but don’t want anyone to produce it anywhere near them.

There was a Global Frackdown event in my backyard, which is Binghamton, New York, so I checked it out. News reports suggested there were 100 or so people, but it was more like 50-75 and some of those were people like me. Regardless, it was just more of the same nonsense from the same nonsensical people and demonstrated the utter vapidness of the anti-fracking cause, such as it is.

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