Green completion may be a foreign term for some people when thinking about natural gas development, but it’s as real as could be and one more demonstration of how technology is always one step ahead of the natural gas opposition’s hype. Green completion is one more step in an development process that is cleaner by the day.

Green completions are now becoming standard in the natural gas industry, eliminating one of the latest objections of natural gas opponents who like to say the industry is venting too much methane into the air and contributing to global warming (when it’s actually doing the exact opposite by lowering carbon emissions). When a natural gas well is developed, there is an excess of natural gas which, in the past, was released into the air or flared (burned off) but now companies are moving toward capturing the natural gas at the well head instead of releasing it.

Let’s take a closer look at what green completion really means and how it is regulated because a new report is out suggesting this technique is already having a major impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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