If the Problem Is Environmental Injustice, Natural Gas Is the Solution

Environmental injustice does, in fact, exist. It comes from phony environmental scams the poor and moderate income are forced to subsidize. Gas is the fix.

Serial protester fractivist groups have been on an environmental justice kick recently, running scams intended to undermine energy projects on the basis th.... Three recent stories tell us, though, it’s just the opposite. There is environmental injustice, but it’s being practiced by those who would force their uneconomic energy solutions on the rest of us. Meanwhile, natural gas is lowering the costs of energy for everyone and cleaning the air at the same time.

The first story is a real eye-opener. It’s from Forbes but was picked up by Global Energy World and turns the bogus environmental justice theory on its head by revealing the real environmental injustice taking place in California. It’s about civil rights leaders who are suing California for environmental policies and programs they claim “disproportionately harm its poorest residents, particularly Latinos and African Americans.”

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