My name is Tim Sokoloff and at the request of Mr. Ron Eiselstein I am writing here today to introduce an idea that would be tremendously beneficial to a great number of people involved in this developing industry.


Ron and I have identified a need for housing some of the workers that are coming into the area to run these operations. Our organization offers a unique opportunity to provide housing for new workers not only that are coming into the area from out of town, but workers in our area training for jobs in this field who may need to relocate.


Many folks on this site probably know Ron from his superior efforts to promote commerce in our valley and his outstanding business expertise but I am the new guy so....


My short bio is 34 years in computers,  well versed in multiple schools of engineering,  a solid background in environmental technologies and an entrepreneur since the age of 15.


My immediate references include,

Work with the Mahoning County Commissioners and The Youngstown Channel, America's Veterans, Habitat for Humanity and the Seattle Washington Alternative Care Network.


It is a pleasure to meet you all.


Currently I am President of Iron Soup Historical Preservation Committee which has momentarily saved an incredible piece of American History. I say momentarily because unless we can implement a plan that is productive for the site, it will eventually be destroyed.


We offer a less expensive alternative to house workers in our area by reducing the amount of new worker housing that we be required and offering a partnership that would accomplish several mutually beneficial goals.


Originally the homes housed workers of the fasting growing, most economically productive industry in the country from 1918 to 1976 in what was the World's First Modern Estate Homes ever built, we feel it would be an honor for them to do so again.


The buildings were a modern marvel of solid concrete and we have more than proven they are still one of the most structurally sound places in the Entire Tri-County Area.


Because of their incredible construction the units are easily renovated, are easy to heat and cool when properly refitted, and our plans for renovation include and environmental aspect as we have designed the World's first ©Envirominiums to be built on the site.


Due to the environmentally friendly designs we have planned, operating costs to participating companies and their workers would be minimal in comparison to building an operating new facilities.


In considering the 179 units there are available in our complex we could offer considerable housing potential to cut costs to employer and employee.


Utilizing our site would also save an incredible piece of American History and preserve the last functioning remnant of our area's industrial revolution.

Lastly the companies involved would benefit from the positive aspects of building and promoting environmentally friendly housing and technologies in our community.


I have a fairly hectic schedule so I do not know how often I will be able to update this blog, but I will make an effort. In the meantime I can be reached through my company's website at and I look forward to hearing from any and all parties interested in either the concept presented here, or our work in general.


Best Regards

Tim Sokoloff


Iron Soup Historical Preservation Company







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Comment by Ron Eiselstein on March 10, 2013 at 2:09pm

Great article in the businessjournal Mahoning Valley:


Comment by JULIA SUDYLO on October 11, 2011 at 7:16am

Are you offering housing that you currently own or are you also looking for properties to lease. I have a 4b 2 1/2 b in Thompson, Pa. The construction is near completion and would like to lease it but having a hard time finding a contractor that will finish what he starts if you will.. : (

If you are interested please contact me.


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