Labor, Business, Government Agree on Ohio Shale

This week, Energy In Depth attended an event in Canton that would have seemed highly unlikely just one year ago.  Labor groups, oil and gas industry representatives, local elected officials from both parties, and multiple chambers of commerce all came together to talk about Utica Shale development, the Keystone XL, and why both are important to Ohioans.  The event was aptly titled, “Investing in America: Building Ohio Jobs,” and was hosted by the newly formed Stark County Oil & Gas Partnership and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. Along with various other speakers, Energy In Depth’s own Shawn Bennett gave the large crowd an update on Utica Shale development and the more than 38,000 jobs the industry created just last year.



Canton Mayor William J. Healy also addressed the crowd to emphasize the incredible partnership that has been created to support Ohio shale.  He explained that more than 40 companies have come to Stark County and what he has dubbed the “Utica Capital” because of the oil and gas industry.  He said that kind of positive economic growth is new to a region that has been plagued by the nation’s recession:

“Think about what I just said—business, labor, government, industry; here together, collaborating, to benefit our community and our region for the betterment of jobs and our future, and I think we all deserve a hand for that.” —William J. Healy, Mayor, City of Canton (:45)


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