“Look at Me” Sandra Steingraber Does Stupid Analogy Trick

Fractivist shill Sandra Steingraber is flustered with our victory over the DRBC and doing stupid analogy tricks to demonstrate how just how shallow she is.

“Look at me” Sandra Steingraber is quite proud of herself. She begins her story on her website describing herself as “acclaimed ecologist and author.” It’s hard to argue the “acclaimed” is not deserved, though, considering the way she brazenly defied all academic standards to peer-review the work of o... for the sake of furthering Governor Corruptocrat’s plundering of Upstate landowners with his fracking ban. She’s most definitely a heroine in her own mind. She makes a point, in fact, of always identifying herself as “Dr.” Sandra Steingraber, which is what not so smart academics do to prove they’re really smart. But, she’s not, as her recent stupid analogies trick demonstrates.

What I’m talking are these two Tweets yesterday from Sandra Steingraber:

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